Saturday, August 26, 2017

Buses Depart Cody

The week at Cody has come to an end.  The buses departed at about 11:00AM and should arrive at Braintree High School between 1:30-2:00 PM depending on traffic.

Friday, August 25, 2017

Friday Morning at Camp

It is another fabulous day here at Cody with cooler temps and bright sunshine.

Yesterday's "Cabin Wars" was awesome.  Great costumes, team work, and sportsmanship.  The New Year's Eve dance was outside under the stars.  Everyone looked great in their semi-formal evening attire and danced the night away until Vespers.

We finished off Thursday night with a Pizza Party for our Senior High Camp.  This is always a nice way to unwind for a bit after the dance before heading back to the cabins.

Friday has a slightly different feel than the rest of the days at Camp.  In Morning Group we spend some time lifting everyone up and reflecting on the week.  Then we have a picnic lunch followed by our "Hug Line" where we get to individually thank and wish everyone well for the year to come.  It is a sight to be seen.

The Hug Line is followed by a Graduation/Sending Off Ceremony for the Class of 2017 and a time to thank our staff and the staff here at Cody.

After dinner we have 2 Consecration Services (Junior High and Senior High) to celebrate our week together.  The Senior High service is followed by a camp fire where some of the seniors sharing messages with the Camp.

It is a fun, and emotional, day for everyone.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

New Year's Eve

It a balmy 68 degrees with bright sunshine here at Cody on this New Year's Eve.

Everyone is off to their Morning Groups where the discussions today will be on change and looking to the future.

This afternoon's program is Cabin Wars.  I can't wait to see the creative costumes and an afternoon of friendly cabin competition.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Today we began to have campers leave for sports and school.  Wednesday is usually the day with the most campers leaving due to fall sports.

Tonight's dinner was a camp favorite, Chicken, Broccoli and Ziti.

The Variety Show tonight was excellent.  We had a about 30 acts perform on our outdoor stage.  It got a bit chilly towards the end of the evening, but it well worth it.

Vespers followed the talent show with Mike Pearson giving a message about being Thankful.

Happy Thanksgiving!

It is Thanksgiving Day here at Camp.  The weather has adjusted appropriately.  It is bright sunshine, but cool and breezy.  A perfect camp day!

Today's afternoon program is a relaxed program where campers, and staff, may participate in activities of their choice all afternoon.  The options are quite varied and include, swimming, paddle boarding, basketball tournament, variety show rehearsal, juggling, listening to music over tea, and many more.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Tuesday afternoon was sunny and hot.  The afternoon program was fantastic, until the Grinch game and "stole" all the presents.  After dinner we had Chapel lead by the Sophmores.  The back to the field to pickup some glow sticks and to play so games in the dark.  Everyone had a blast and after showing the Grinch some love, he returned all the presents.  As the game wrapped up, the rain moved in.  We were just able to get through Vespers and everyone back to their cabins before the skies opened up.  We are hoping the rain my help usher in some cooler weather.

Merry Christmas!

It's Christmas here at Camp!  We had a few santas show up at breakfast and many more campers dressed for Christmas.

After a breakfast of eggs, sausage, and bagels we headed out to our small groups for the morning program.  Today's discussions were based on giving and receiving with a focus on how we can give of ourselves.

We are on our way to lunch and the our afternoon activities.

Monday, August 21, 2017

The eclipse has come and gone with little fanfare at camp.  There were several pair of eclipse glasses being passed around, but most of the campers paid no attention.

The afternoon program was organized by color teams.  Each team participated various games around camp and then met back on the field for a final relay race.  Lots of fun and not quite as hot as was expected.

Tonight we had BBQ chicken, rice, and mixed vegetables for dinner then headed out for chapel followed by small group discussions.

Overall and AWESOME day and we can wait to celebrate Christmas tomorrow.

Monday Morning at Camp

We are off to a great start on this beautiful Monday morning.  The camp was woken up at 7:00AM by Bob with the ringing of a bell and individualized messages for each cabin as he goes door to door.  It was a cool start, but it is supposed to be HOT!!  Lots of water.

Breakfast was french toast sticks and bacon.

Today's theme is Valentines Day.

Our Monday's at camp are a bit different.  We have an activity in the morning and our small group discussions in the evening.  This morning's activity is "Spread the Love".  We are crafting different items to donate to charities.

This afternoon we have "Spree Time", or organized activities, from about 1:00-3:00.  This is the time of the eclipse.  We reminded all campers, and staff, the dangers of looking at the sun and have suggested alternate ways of viewing the eclipse.  We will do our best to monitor this as the event happens.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

It is Sunday night at Camp and all is quiet.

This afternoon we went "Trick-or-Treating" with our cabins where we played games, did puzzles, and solved riddles with our cabins.  A great cabin bonding experience for all.

Dinner was spaghetti, meatballs, green beans, rolls, and a cupcake for dessert.

This evenings event was a "Monster Mash" Dance.  Everyone one came in their Halloween costumes and danced the night away.

When we left the dance and headed to Vespers, the temperature had dropped.  It will be a great night for sleeping.

Camp - Day 2

We woke up to a beautiful summer morning here at Camp Cody.  78F and Sunny.
After a breakfast of pancakes, sausage and fruit, everyone is off to Morning Group.
Today's theme is "Halloween".

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Camp - Day 1

Day 1 of camp has come to an end.  Campers and staff are all resting soundly and the camp is quiet.  Its a good time to reflect on the day.  
Over 500 campers and staff met in Braintree early in the day to load the trucks, board the buses, and depart for camp.  Aside from the rush to board the buses, this all went quite smoothly.  **We will be reviewing our boarding process to ensure this does not happen again.
Once on the road, the trip was uneventful and the buses arrived at Cody at 1:45PM.  
After a brief welcome the campers went to find their luggage and cabins.  Once settled into their homes for the week, the rest of the afternoon included a bit more orientation and some small group discussions, then a dinner of grilled chicken, rice, and grilled asparagus (and a cookie for dessert).  Dinner was immediately followed by Chapel, led by our staff, and the Evening Program "Camp's Birthday Party."  We closed out the day with a Vespers message from Steve Flaherty and the singing of The Lords Prayer.  The campers all headed back to their cabins a bit earlier than usual to spend some time getting settled and getting to know their cabin mates.
Over the course of the day, we did have a few campers request to be in a different cabin with certain people.  We worked to make everyone happy and comfortable.  At the end of the day, it appears that everyone is in the cabin they want to be in.
Now it is time for some rest as Day 2 is right around the corner.